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Schüco AWS 114 PAF

Thermally broken parallel opening window


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The innovative window system with large vent dimensions can be integrated seamlessly into Schüco façade systems without adversely affecting the uniform façade geometry, achieving a cohesive appearance – and all with vent weights of up to 250kg. Whilst glass thicknesses from 24mm to 44mm can be used with the Schüco Aluminium Window System 114(SG) thermally insulated insert unit, triple insulating glass with glass thicknesses from 28mm to 52mm can also be integrated into the highly thermally insulated Schüco Aluminium Window Systems 114 PAF.

Key Features

  • 114mm deep thermally broken window suite
  • Suits all commercial, internal fitout or architectural applications
  • Glass thicknesses from 24 mm to 44 mm
  • A façade window with standard insulating glazing and continuous glazing bead
  • Maximum permitted sash dimensions with Schüco TipTronic fitting (H x W) of 3.6m x 1.3m or 2.5m x 2.2m as parallel opening window
  • Maximum permitted sash dimensions with manual operation (H x W) of 2m x 1.2m as parallel-opening window
  • Sash weights up to 250kg operated manually or using Schüco TipTronic 
  • Perfectly balanced system with low operating forces, suitable for safety barrier loading owing to energy-absorbing limiting stay.

Parallel sash operation

Sash opens in parallel to the façade delivering ventilation around the full sash perimeter.

Thermally broken system

Delivers excellent thermal performance and maximum insulation properties for the glazed façade.


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