Walan Apartments exemplify the innovative use of advanced window and glazing systems that has come to define the Capral’s Schüco joint contribution to Australia’s high-end residential construction sector.

Through the creative use of Capral and Schüco products, the Walan Apartments actively transform residents’ lives for the better. Every apartment features large, expansive window openings for enhanced views and natural light admittance, delivering an uninterrupted view of Brisbane City’s picturesque skyline that all residents can enjoy throughout the day and evening.

This ambitious use of domestic space is supported by custom designed Schüco doors used in this project, which cater for high wind design pressures, thermal performance and acoustic tolerances demanded by this imminently liveable building.

Walan Aprtments Alfresco

The project’s architect, Liam Proberts of bureau^proberts, specified a range of Capral products that not only enhance the building’s appearance, but also contribute to its overall character and energy efficiency. A notable feature of the Walan Apartments, for example, are screens that automatically slide across each afternoon as the sun sets – an innovation which simultaneously blocks out the sun’s rays from the west while extending the usable living area of each residence by an extra 50–60m2 during this time of day.

The standout products used in the Walan Apartments – one of which was created specifically for this project – is the Schüco ASE 39PD.NI HD panoramic sliding door. This suite was originally designed as a panoramic sliding door similar to the Schüco ASS 39PD.NI; however, the ASE 39PD features additional capacity to resist high-speed wind pressures, also boasting improved water resistance performance. The Schüco ASE 39PD.NI HD facilitates a seamless transition from inside to outside for all residents of Walan Apartments, meeting the Stiletto Code while maintaining a narrow interlock.

The special design features and amenities of Walan Apartments perfectly meet the needs of a rapidly evolving city such as Brisbane. The constantly changing nature of Queensland’s urban centre has fuelled increased demand in high-end residential apartments, for which Capral window suites are a perfect fit.

Of equal importance to these unrivalled levels of personal comfort, however, is Walan Apartments’ extremely low environmental impact. After considering the sustainability issue in detail, the architect has successfully minimised or eliminated environmental impacts from the project’s inception. Key to this are the energy efficiency characteristics of both the Schüco ASE 39PD, and AGS 900 series sliding door, which ably complement the advanced performance glazing systems used throughout.

Finally, the combination of Capral and Schüco window suites featured in the Walan Apartment complex are crucial in forming the building’s unique aesthetic profile. The external skin of Walan Apartments not only helps ensure that this landmark building blends perfectly with its complex surroundings,but also facilitating environmental awareness by incorporating a range of lush hanging gardens within each apartment’s structure. This project’s success is proof of Capral’s aesthetic versatility and robust environmental credentials.

Walan Apartments’ combination of boundary-pushing technology and class-leading luxury is an ideal showcase for Capral’s definitive product range.

Architect: Liam Proberts – Bureau^proberts
Builder: John Berlese – Hutchinson Builders
Photographer: Angus Martin
Fabricator: I&H Contractors

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